Mold Removal & Remediation

L-Mold RemovalHave you recently started to notice a musty smell in your home or business? If you have, chances are there is mold located somewhere throughout your property. Unfortunately, mold usually hides in certain places that you are not able to see with the naked eye. Usually breading in places like under carpets, inside walls, on top of ceiling tiles and within pipes, mold can be extremely difficult to find. In fact, many times, you won’t even know there is mold in your property until you actually start smelling it. Believe it or not, the majority of mold spores are so small that you can’t even see one without a microscope. Once the mold spores start clinging together is when you will start to see little green and black spots start to pop up.

One of the nastiest things that can happen to your home or business is a mold or mildew outbreak.  Due to extreme moisture within carpets, walls or pipes, mold can spread rapidly and is very hazardous to your health and the structure of your property.  Because mold can produce some extremely unhealthy problems for both you, your family and your property, once you start to either smell or see signs of mold it’s extremely important to contact the experienced mold removal and remediation team at A-Emergency Services and Restoration.  Helping you rid your property of unwanted mold and mildew, we are able to provide you with scientifically proven mold abatement and mildew treatments.  By enlisting our professional mold removal & remediation services, our team will:

  • Investigate your property for any leaky pipes or water damage.
  • Install mold resistant materials in your property like new plaster, tile floors, hard plank wood floors and new wood moldings.
  • Investigate your HVAC system’s drain hoses and drip pan to make sure everything is draining correctly.
  • Provide routine checks on water fixtures like washing machine hoses, toilet draining systems, refrigerators and below sinks to make sure nothing is leaking.

It’s important to know that mold cannot grow without moisture being present. Highly trained in mold removal and remediation, A-Emergency Services & Restoration will give you the answers that you’re looking for while eliminating the mold from your property.

In order to stop mold before it’s too late, contact our team of professionals to ensure that the mold is properly removed and will not return.  Call today 773-529-6700 or use our contact form for more information.