Board Up in Chicago and Lincolnwood, IL

Posted on: June 22nd, 2015

Board up is a an essential part of fire damage restoration and disaster recovery

The risk of fire damage is always real and present and you should have adequate backup and risk management plans in place. Apart from insurance you should know who to call for help with fire damage restoration and emergency board up. If you reside in Chicago, Niles, Morton Grove, Skokie or Lincolnwood then you can rely on A Emergency for effective disaster recovery services such as board up and fire damage restoration.


A fire is likely to cause severe damage which will leave your home or building in a compromised state. Entrances such as doors and windows will be damaged and broken and this will leave your home vulnerable to the elements as well as the possibility of unwanted intruders. Your roof might also be damaged which means your home exposed to rain and other potential risks. One of the first things a disaster recovery team will do is to secure your property with method such as board, roof tarping and temporary fencing if needed.


By sealing exposed entrances with temporary board ups you reduce the risk of damage from the elements or the unwanted intrusion by vagrants, dangerous animal’s, criminals and similar. After a fire structures in your building could also be weakened and could pose a risk to life and limb. Part of the fire damage restoration process would be strengthen and support compromised structures in order to make it safe for workers and other people involved to enter and exit your property.


Apart from securing your property fire damage restoration involves numerous other tasks such as water extraction, smoke extraction, odor elimination, cleaning, drying, sanitizing, salvaging and reconstruction. This is a process that requires specialised equipment and trained and skilled disaster recovery personnel.


Apart from direct restoration and construction work, a disaster recovery team will also assist you with administrative matters such as insurance damage assessment.

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