Board up in Morton Grove, Lincolnwood and Chicago, IL

Posted on: August 31st, 2016

Board up protects and prevents damage

When disaster strikes and damages your property you will likely need a disaster recovery team to perform board up and restoration work. A Emergency is a recommended an accredited disaster recovery company serving all of Chicago, Grove and Niles.

When you home or building is severely damaged by a fire, a storm or some other disaster, you need help and you need it fast. Knowing where to begin and who to call is often the first step in getting things back too normal. An event such as a fire, a flood or a windstorm can cause severe damage and compromise the security and safety of your home or building. It is important not re-enter your property after a disaster. Only do so once a board up or similar professional has advised you that it is safe.

When you home is exposed to the elements more damage will result. After a disaster you might well think things can’t get any worse, but often they can and do. If you don’t want things to go from bad to worse, you need to act fast and call the emergency board up and recovery team.

A board up team will secure your property by boarding up broken windows and entrances. Broken windows are normally covered with plastic sheeting or heavy duty plywood or a similar material. If your roof is damaged they will install a roof tarp to close the hole and protect your property from rain, hail, snow and debris. Your building could also be structurally unsound as a result of damage to floors, walls, supports and roofing system.

The board up process not only helps to protect your property from the elements but will also help to keep out vagrants, burglars and wild animals. Once your property is secured and protected the actual cleaning and renovation work can begin.


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