Chicago, Morton Grove and Niles, IL fire damage clean up

Posted on: July 5th, 2016

Home restoration and fire damage cleanup services in Chicago

Disasters such as fire and floods can strike anywhere anytime and you need to know what to do when that happens. You also need to know who you can rely on for effective home restoration after a calamity such as fire, windstorm or flood. A Emergency provides fire damage cleanup and home restoration services in Chicago.

Fire not only damages structures such as roofs, floors, walls and infrastructure but also leaves behind smoke and soot. In addition, water is often used to extinguish a fire so water damage also enters the equation. You will need professional fire damage cleanup and home restoration services in order to return your home, building or property to pre-disaster state.

Fire restoration is a complicated process that involves board ups, professional cleaning, salvaging, repairs and construction. First your property needs to be secured so it is safe for workers and other people who need to be there. Board-ups, roof tarping and temporary fencing may also be required to protect your property from the elements and external factors.

A disaster recovery team has the appropriate equipment and gear to perform the required work and tasks. These include extraction pumps, air movers, humidifiers, pressure washers, industrial cleaners as well safety gear and clothes. Smoke remediation is also a critical part or the clean-up and restoration process. Smoke and acid will damage equipment, appliances and also result in discoloration as well as unpalatable odors. The longer fire damage cleanup is delayed; the more difficult and expensive the process will become.

Odor removal is also an important task when it comes to fire damage cleanup. A professional home restoration team will get rid of odors by using special chemical and deodorizes. Since water damage is likely to be part of the equation, water removal, drying, sanitizing and mold remediation might also be required.






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