Fire damage clean up in Chicago, Morton Grove, Niles, IL

Posted on: December 18th, 2016

Fire damage cleanup to secure and restore your property

Fires are one of the leading causes of property damage and it is good to know who to call when you need fire damage clean up. The fire department will extinguish the fire but they don’t clean up the mess. Once the fire trucks have left you will be left with an almighty mess. A Emergency can help you with disaster recovery and fire damage clean up in Chicago, Morton Grove or Skokie.

They are disaster recovery experts and have many years’ experience in water and fire damage restoration. After a fire is extinguished you need fast response and professional service to deal with the recovery process. Fire damage will leave your property compromised and vulnerable. You need to act fast for reasons of safety, damage control and insurance purposes.

There are many risks after a fire. It might be safe for you to remain in the building. Slip and fall accidents often occur after a fire. Compromised structures, live electrical points and wet materials all add to the risk.

Fire damage often goes hand in hand with water damage and smoke damage. A disaster recovery company such as A Emergency has the equipment and resources to deal with both water and fire damage cleanup and restoration. They can restore your property to pre-disaster state.

The damage cleanup and restoration process starts with a site inspection and damage evaluation. A cleanup and recovery plan is then put into action. Securing your property is one of the fist steps in the cleanup process. Depending on the extent of the damage, a disaster recovery team may have to perform board ups and roof tarping.

Water removal, drying and sanitizing are important steps in fire damage cleanup process. Certain items might be taken off site for repair and salvage work. Smoke removal, odor neutralization and mold remediation are often part of the cleanup process.

Once the cleanup process is complete the actual construction and repair work can begin.



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