Fire damage clean up services in Skokie, Morton Grove Chicago

Posted on: February 26th, 2017

After a fire, you need to know who to turn to for fire damage clean up. A Emergency provides fire damage clean up and disaster recovery services throughout Chicago. A fire can leave an awful mess and extensive damages in its wake. The fire department will extinguish the fire but they don’t clean up the mess. After emergency services and first responders have left, you are left with the aftermath.

Fire damage clean up should not be delayed. After a fire your property may pose a safety risk. Additional damage will also occur if disaster recovery processes are delayed. You also need to consider your property insurance clauses and requirements. You don’t want to invalidate your insurance by delaying important recovery and repair work.

Fire damage clean up starts with site inspection and evaluation.  Once the situation is assessed the disaster recovery team will draw up a plan and commence the cleanup and reconstruction work. One the first things a disaster recovery team will do is to secure your property. Your property might not be safe for normal cleanup and recovery work. Disaster recovery specialists will first secure your property and make it safe for other workers. This could involve structural supports, board up, roof tarps, temporary fencing and so on.

The cleanup process will involve water extraction, cleaning, drying, smoke removal, odor neutralization, sanitizing, decontamination, mold remediation, salvaging and more. Once your building has been cleaned and sanitized, repair and construction work can commence.

A disaster recovery team will restore your home or home or building to re-disaster state or better. They have the required resources and specialist sub-contractors for electrical work, plumbing repairs, roofing and general construction. They will also help you with insurance claims and related administrative and legal paperwork.


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