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Posted on: February 4th, 2016

5 Safety Precautions to Take during Flood restoration

The monsoon season has almost approached and chances are that you have a lot of things lingering on your mind when suddenly deluge happened at your basement, ruining your valuable assets. A flooded basement may feel as if your world has just caved in. Flood risks pose significant challenges to several homes and businesses in various parts of USA, including Lincolnwood, Chicago, Niles, Morton Grove, and Skokie as well as all across the world. If you have previously never dealt with a flooded basement, then the whole flood restoration procedure can really be a daunting prospect. However, safety should always be your top priority during home restoration and thus, prior to even thinking about restoring your flooded basement, it is of paramount importance that you take the following 5 safety precautions as given below:

  1. Be careful of any electrical damages and gas leakages- Just stay clear of your home if you smell gas leakages or find any exposed electrical wires touching the stagnant water in the basement or else you may get blown up due to the leaking gas and also an electrical shock if you touch the standing water.
  2. Ensure to dispose of the household chemicals- Make sure to properly dispose of the household chemicals and cleaners that prove dangerous for your home and also your neighbors but not on the streets since it will pollute the water.
  3. Take photos as many as you can of the affected areas and then call your insurance company- Take pictures and document all the water damaged items that you have come across in your basement before discarding them not only for having an accurate estimate of your losses but also for having a record for insurance purposes which you can share with your insurance company.
  4. Be sure to use caution to your kids and pets- Never allow kids and pets venture into your basement and other parts of your abode before having thoroughly checked all rooms whether there are any debris present or even poisonous snakes or other critters.
  5. Notify your emergency contact- Make sure to contact a family member and let him or her know that you, your kids and pets are absolutely fine.

Our flood restoration professionals at A-Emergency Services & Restoration knows that dealing with flood damage can be a very stressful and scary experience, regardless of whether or not you have dealt with it before. Call us in this number 847-737-5142 today if you need any help in fixing your flooded basement of your property.

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