Water damage cleanup services in Lincolnwood & Morton Grove Chicago

Posted on: March 5th, 2017

Water may be the fountain of life but it can also be extremely destructive when it floods through your house. After flooding, whether through natural or domestic causes. Water damage clean up should be top of your list. A Emergency provides disaster recovery services throughout Chicago, including water damage clean up.

Water’s destructive forces include rotting, breakage, rusting, contamination, mold, seepage and more. Property owners dread water damage and for good reasons.  Water can damage furniture, carpets, flooring, wiring, electrical systems, appliances, plumbing and structures. Water damage from flooding is usually extensive and severe. Water damage cleanup is no easy task. If the water is more than you can handles with a mop and a bucket, you probably need professional water damage cleanup.

Standing water will soon become contaminated and pose health risks. It does not take long for standing water to turn into black water. It also does not take long for a mold infestation to take hold. The longer you leave water cleanup, the bigger your problems become. You could also jeopardise your insurance coverage if you don’t act on water damage within a reasonable time.

Water damage can result from several causes such as leaky appliances, unclosed taps, broken hoses, burst pipes, roof leaks and various other domestic problems. Water damage can result from natural causes such as natural floods, storm surges, snow melts, excessive rain and flash floods.

Water damage can range from minor to catastrophic. Your best chance of avoiding catastrophic is to act at the first sign of flooding. The sooner you get a disaster recovery team on site, the less damage you will suffer. Water damage clean-up is part of the recovery process that will restore your property to pre-disaster condition as quickly as possible.

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