Fire Damage Clean Up Chicago, Mt. Prospect, Park Ridge IL

Posted on: April 25th, 2017

Fires are still one of the major risks to property and life. That is why all property insurance policies cover fire damage. If you are a fire victim, it is important to know who to turn to for professional fire damage cleanup. A Emergency provides disaster recovery services throughout Chicago, Mt. Prospect, and Park Ridge, IL, including fire damage cleanup.

Once the fire department and first responders leave the scene you are left with the mess. Now you need to get your life back on track and it starts with disaster recovery.  After a fire your property will be in a terrible state. You need cleanup and reconstruction services. It is something you want to get started right away. The longer you leave things, the worse they get. You also want to be careful not to breach any conditions of your insurance policy.

Fire damage cleanup begins with a phone call to a disaster recovery company such as A Emergency. They will assess the damage and then formulate the best possible recovery plan. This involves securing your property, cleaning, drying, sanitizing as well as building repairs and construction.

A fire can leave your property compromised. Your doors and windows could be broken, your roof exposed and your structures weakened. The recovery team will take steps to secure your property and make it safe for people to perform the required work.

Fire damage cleanup also involves salvaging. The recovery crew will salvage as many items and pieces of equipment as is possible. Once water, smoke, soot and debris have been removed, everything is cleaned, dried and sanitised. Odors are neutralised and repairs are effected.

Fire damage cleanup will restore your property to the same pre-disaster condition or even better.  The recover company will also assist you with admin matters such as insurance claims, safety inspections and related. Fire Damage Clean Up Chicago, Mt. Prospect, Park Ridge IL from A-Emergency is there when you need us most. Call for details.

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